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21 Nov 2010

What I'm Packing

Here’s what I’ve been traveling with:

Overview of Items

This all fits in my backpack:

Backpack Trash bin and left shoe shown for size context.

There’s room left to fit food I might buy for a long train trip or to munch on while walking around a city. The hydration pack feels like the heaviest item, but it gets lighter as I drink more water from it.

The computer and other hard items are inside the main storage area. I keep my clothes in the outer pocket. I used to roll the shirts and towel, but I was surprised to find that folding them flat takes up less room. I still roll the socks, though.

The jacket, which is super-compressible actually fits into its own inside pocket:


However, I just stuff it into my backpack when packing. It’s quite dense when stuffed into its inside pocket, and I worry that it will press against the electronics. Stuffing it in loosely instead lets it act as additional padding for the hardware inside the pack.

If I’m still traveling in the Spring, I’ll probably take my larger backpack instead and bring along a sleeping bag and tent (and some other relevant outdoor supplies) so that I can camp a bit.

  1. This was given to me as a gift mid-trip. 

  2. Three are pictured - one was on my person. I actually left home with 3 shirts total, but I was given one on the road (OMAHA ZOMBIES 4LIFE!).