Sumeet Jain
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11 Dec 2008


If she’s ambitious, a person will strive to be an Ace in the Deck. Aces are masters of their realm, and they live most of their life feeling successful - and they often deserve their success.

Less ambitious - or perhaps only less successful - people make up the rest of the Deck. From the apathetic or pathetic 2s to the second-place Kings, we all have to fall somewhere.

And so we live - fighting our way to the top until we choose another Game to play, give up, or die. In the course of our lives, we come across individuals against whom we must battle - be it for respect, our jobs, or even our very lives. 2s don’t beat Aces.

What happens when two Aces must battle? Say two supremely gifted mayoral candidates are debating tonight. Well, every one will want to watch that debate. But if these two mayoral candidates are seen to be a couple of 2s, viewership will definitely take a hit. More often than not, we are only interested in the lives of those whose card we believe to be greater than our own.

Mahatma Gandhi

In the Game of Life, there are Trump cards: An entire suit consisting of cards which rise above The Game to play by different rules and thereby redefine the Game itself. Trumps compete only with other Trumps - if they even come across each other. This isn’t to say a Trump won’t trounce all over an average card. They will. But they’ll feel no pride for having done so.

Trumps you might have heard of include Mahatma Gandhi, Robin Hood, and the Joker. These are all figures - of good and evil - whose presence in their world made it necessary for all others to change their way of thinking, acting, and living.

Not all Trumps achieve the fame of the aforementioned characters. It can take an unusual amount of attention to detect such a unique individual - especially since it can take a most unassuming form. But if you believe someone in your life to be a Trump, find the strength within to commit to them. From them draw inspiration and learn about the world, but be sure to guide your Trump through a life of goodness.