Sumeet Jain


I have years of experience with complex Rails applications and mentoring newer developers. I’m extremely proficient with all parts of modern web applications including SQL and JavaScript, and I’ve been enjoying branching out to stricter functional languages like Elixir. I value TDD, constraints informing design, small objects, compassionate communication, and frequent knowledge sharing.


Unabridged Software
Development Director, November 2017 - current

Big Wheel Brigade
Co-Founder / Lead Developer, January 2011 - October 2017

Technical Lead, September 2009 - October 2010

Early Experience
Various, March 2005 - September 2009

From 2005-2009, I worked in various capacities around Silicon Valley. After Intel, where I was a front-end lead, I worked for a couple startups as a front-end developer on their Rails products. During this time, I also consulted off and on for Yahoo and some small tech firms.

People I’ve Worked With

Ryan PanchadsaramPartner, KPCB; Former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Sumeet is a fantastic developer. Even more importantly, he has built a community in the heartland that trains and supports the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs.

Zach HolmanCEO, During

I've worked with a lot of the best developers and designers in the Valley, and Sumeet's one of the most thoughtful people out there, both professionally and personally. That means that he attacks problems thoughtfully, either in terms of efficiently building a feature, or empathetically working with his coworkers with the users' needs in mind, or just generally enjoying the process of building a team. He's an outstanding addition to your company.

Tony NoeckerCTO, Flywheel

Sumeet's excellence as an engineer and educator has been clear in both the work we've collaborated on and the students we've hired from his classes.

Adam CreegerDirector of Product Engineering, Greenhouse Software

It may be a cliché, but Sumeet really can keep his head while everyone else is losing theirs. He is smart, knows what he wants, and has a knack for diplomacy.

Matt HovaSenior Engineer, Autodesk

Sumeet is able to advise in a way that fosters best practices and a true understanding of what the software is actually doing.


Immediate & Actionable Tactics for Leveling Up Devs

This presentation, first given at Rails Conf in 2018, is a no-fluff guide to better onboarding and mentorship. Over about 30 minutes, I describe a dozen features most engineering teams could add to their playbook within a day.

Diverse Feed

Diverse Feed is a social data project whose goal is to collect demographic information about people, cross referenced against their social media identities. Accumulation of this data could help to--for example--generate diversity reports for the people anyone follows on Twitter.

JavaScript Starter

JavaScript Starter is a deliberately minimal boilerplate repo for absolute beginners learning programming. It's intended to simplify, even at the cost of presenting technically incomplete or arguably incorrect information, so that newcomers to coding can begin to tinker in their own development environments (as opposed to web-based REPLs).

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