Little Wisdoms

A Short Collection

  • #4 If you’re having trouble getting up in the morning, brush your teeth and take a shower.
  • #5 Never seek praise for overcoming self-inflicted hardship.
  • #3 Do not confuse your own lack of interest for a lack of interestingness in others.
  • #2

    When humiliation leaves you feeling angry, look at those around you and think only of their perspective. They have forgotten all about it, yet you dwell on the delusion that they are looking at you with judgment in their eyes. Accept this to forget humiliation.

    When humiliation leaves you feeling angry, ask yourself if ideal behavior would have prevented the slight. Let the shame wash over you, and emerge from it a wiser person because you understand your mistake and the solution. Do this to conquer humiliation.

  • #1 Do not battle insecurities by seeking new skills.